Friday, June 29, 2007

Week in Review

I had a great time with my parents last weekend. I'll post some pictures from our trip to the tiger preserve as soon as they send them to me. This week has been pretty crazy since they left. Evidence:

1. I flew to DC for a 24-hour trip on Monday afternoon. I was composing a post in my head about how I really don't mind flying and have pretty good luck with regards to delays, cancellations, and screaming children, but I decided that the only surefire way to end up in a seat next to a sweaty fat man was to brag about my luck to the internet before my return flight. Summary: I really like to fly and I consider myself to be a master of the security check-in.

2. Wednesday night trivia! The Non-Profiteers redeemed ourselves after our extremely poor showing earlier this month by coming in first. With only three people! We each took home a Duck Rabbit pint glass and a PBR shirt. Kudos to Jeff for pulling the location of Brenner Pass out of his ass.

3. One of my fabulous aunts (not to imply any of my aunts are non-fabulous) was in town last night. I got to spend time with her and meet some of her friends who were also in town.

Plans for the weekend include a Durham Bulls game and a play at Carolina if I can get my act together. Next week is filled with wedding related parties and madness.

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