Saturday, March 23, 2013

Old goals met

Here are some goals from my list that I met a while ago.

Use the picnic basket. We got a fantastic picnic basket as a shower gift and used it last summer at an Andrew Bird concert at the NC Art Museum. The site was fantastic,and we had brought an orzo, feta, mixed greens, and chicken salad. I was LVP (opposite of MVP) and forgot the bottle of wine we wanted to bring. Then it started raining during the opening act (Mavis Staples) and only got worse. This was the fourth time I'd seen Andrew Bird, and it would have been fantastic in better weather. We left early, soaking wet, but the picnic cooler was fantastic.

Foster s cat. I volunteer at a cat cshelter in Raleigh and had wanted to foster a cat for a long time. This involves taking care of a cat who needs a little extra time to get socialized and become comfortable in a house. I brought home Kyra Sedgewick, a silver grey tabby. She was a fantastic cat to foster. She hated the shelter and wasn't really comfortable around other cats. We kept her in a separate room and spent time with her every day. She did great with the dog and one cat, but one of the resident cats hated her. I got a great idea of what she would be like in a house, and she got adopted after she returned to the shelter by a woman who adores her. Our last foster experience (due to Kitty), but a happy ending.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


As part of a company holiday gift, Jeremy got a coupon for a Butterball turkey. We could have cashed it in during the holidays and gotten a 40 lb bird for free, but we waited and got a much more manageable 15 lb breast. We roasted it on Thursday and dealt with leftovers today. First up - turkey tetrazzini. Patricia inspired me to break out our pasta maker, so we used fresh egg noodles for that. This was the first time we had ever successfully made pasta - will definitely make again. Then, a turkey chili. It smells delicious, but lunch tomorrow will tell for sure. The kitchen was super busy today and we ran the dishwasher several times. Totally worth it!