Friday, April 27, 2007

Random End Of Week Notes

Alternate title "Maybe I can get these things out of my head if I post them"

Coming in to work today I was listening to the Andrew Bird cd I wrote about a couple weeks ago. There is one song that has a line in the chorus: "we'll fight, we'll fight..." I cannot listen to that without thinking he's singing "whale fight, whale fight" which is infinitely more awesome.

Continuing the sea mammal theme, this totally cracks me up:
Rescue cat. It showed up on Cheezburger (warning: do not click here unless you have hours to kill) later in the week and I felt all cool and internet-y because I saw it on Erin's site first.

I know a lot of people who have been raving about the Discovery channel's Planet Earth series. They were playing a marathon earlier in the week so I decided to watch it for a while. It was showing some sea lions frolicking in the water and having fun so I kept it on the channel and sat back on the couch. I realized too late that these sea lions were obviously doomed - a killer whale swallowed a few whole before I could reach for the remote.

About an hour later I decided to give it another try. This time they were showing migrating cranes. Pretty safe, right? No. Sure enough, some kind of predator bird starts circling around, trying to pick off the weak ones. I obviously need a G-rated version of Planet Earth if I'm ever watch it.

Speaking of cranes, I would be remiss if I didn't link to a site that tells about how scientists are trying to get whooping cranes to follow their natural migratory patterns. Each fall and spring the cranes are led by an ultra-light plane on a cross-country trip to take them to and from their winter homes. The hope is that they will eventually learn to take the trip themselves and begin to repopulate their natural habitats. I know you're saying, "that's good and all, but what's the point?" The point is that the scientists dress up in crane outfits to imprint themselves on the babies. The pictures are great. Can you imagine having that as a job? Even the aircraft pilot has to wear it while he's flying.

Anyway, have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Notes from Idol

1. I dvr-ed it tonight - I am officially emotionally invested. I guess I'm entitled since I've abstained since the first season. I actually haven't seen any Tuesday episodes since I have class but that hasn't stopped Seacrest.

2. How is it possible to love Zoolander from the very bottom of my heart but be completely unable to tolerate Ben Stiller? Someone should look into that.

3. Confidential to Teri Hatcher: You might want to reconsider the hair/makeup/shirt combo. I fast forwarded through your part and thought you were Michael Jackson.

4. Jack Black, I want to like you (see: "That's f--ing teamwork!" and "It's called telekinesis, Kyle!") but you are making it very difficult. Scratch that - now you are singing and it is impossible.

5. Blake's friends don't look that excited that he's safe. I was going to say something mean about that but I'm cutting him some slack since he's "giving back" tonight.

6. I have nothing snarky to say about Carrie Underwood's segment. Rascal Flatts guy, however, it looks like fame affected you the same way my freshman year of college affected me.

7. Staying Alive - Teri Hatcher: we already talked about your styling. You are not helping. Goldie Hawn: wearing your hair in your face will not help convince me that you are the same age as your daughter. LeBron James and Hugh Laurie: I love you two a little bit. Hugh Grant: looking a little mug shot-y. Twiggy: stop trying to pretend you know the words. Please go back to insulting Jael. Marc Antony: Wow! You look kind of not un-dead! LeBron and Hugh: ok, make that a lot. Please dance some more. Helena Bonham Carter: what have you done since Fight Club? Not that it matters since I will always love you for that. Chris Kattan: stop. Please pass the message to Rob Schneider. Guy in hat: who are you? should I care? Kevin Bacon: you made me think of the episode of Will & Grace where Jack stalked you. Like HBC, you have done something so fantastic that you have been given a free pass. Madden twins: Joel, you were cute when you were dating Hilary Duff. Now you are just a smirking tattooed guy who makes mediocre music.

8. Idol, now you are making me cry (and not for keeping Phil safe). Way to make me feel bad about being petty. Seriously, people, give some money so kids don't have their future determined before they're even born. So kids don't have to live in poverty or fend for themselves because their parents have died of AIDS. So kids in our own country don't grow up without learning how to read. There's not a whole lot that I'll write about on this site and be completely serious about, but some things are too horrible to ignore or gloss over. (psa over - back to the snark)

9. Kelly Clarkson, I have a little girl-crush on you. You will never reach Jennifer Garner levels on my girl-crush-meter but you're definitely up there.

10. LaKeisha - I think Idol could afford an undershirt or safety pin for you. I sympathize because I am no stranger to the shirt gap problem, but you are on national tv. Also, if you're safe that means my beloved Timberfake or the incredible Jordin is out. My money is either on Jordin getting "shockingly" eliminated or Idol having a heart and keeping them both in.

11. Annie Lennox has only played a couple chords and she has already completely outperformed Celine and Felvis. Does she still tour? I bet she puts on a hell of a show.

12. I totally called it! Seacrest would never get rid of someone tonight. Yikes - two gone next week - fingers crossed it's LaKeisha and Phil.

Longest post yet - that's kind of sad it's about a show I've talked so much shit about over the years. I will continue on my quest to drive away readers with an even longer post next week about my cats.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Because reading about avian flu is putting me to sleep

My sister sent this link today:

The Story of Grant Hill

Love it.

Around the house

I worked on two projects a couple weekends ago that I never got around to posting. The first is a bag to match my new gold shoes (seriously, I can't believe I actually own gold shoes). It's not exactly perfect but I think it works really well.

The second project was a set of floating bookshelves. I had seen these on some home furnishing sites and picked up 3 at nested, one of the best little shops in Carrboro. Here are the shelves in action on the wall beside my stairs:

The only problem is that I am running out of hardback books to display in the house. I already have all my Norton anthologies and antique books from my grandmother downstairs - I need to stop using books as decorating items unless I want to show off my macroeconomics and differential equations textbooks.
I am still recovering from one of the best weekends ever. One of my very dearest friends got married and I spent the whole weekend in Virginia at wedding events. The ceremony was beautiful and perfect, but the reception was unbelievable. I didn't take any pictures but will post some when I order them from the photographer - you really have to see the flowers and outdoor couches and caged birds to believe it.

After the reception I ended up going out in Lynchburg with some high school friends of the bride and I finally had my first cheesy after hearing stories since freshman year in college. Also, I got completely schooled in naked photo hunt despite many high scores on the machines at Linda's and He's Not. I barely got to bed that night but when I woke up my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much.

Anyway, best wishes to Miss Emily and her wonderful new husband - I can't wait till you move to Durham!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mouse brain

When I get busy at work my brain turns into a little mouse brain the minute I get in my car to drive home. Sometimes the mouse brain causes small problems, like when it takes a week to process that the dvd on the passenger seat needs to be returned. Other times the mouse brain does silly things, like ignoring an entire page of problems in a GRE practice test for a class. The mouse brain is generally benign, but it pulled a stunt last week that had the potential to be pretty mortifying.

I was making dinner on Tuesday night and bent over to pull something out of a cabinet when I heard a loud riiipp! The jeans I was wearing had some small holes near the back pockets so I patted around but didn't feel anything unusual. The mouse brain immediately forgot about the noise. Two days later I was at the cat shelter changing from my work skirt to a t-shirt and jeans when I discovered the source of the ripping noise. (I've marked the end and beginning of the rip in the picture - not exactly something you can fix with a safety pin.)

I had nothing else to wear so I put on the jeans and got ready to scoop some cat litter. It wasn't too bad since I was working in the back with one other person rather than in front with 7 or 8 other people but cleaning cages involves a lot of bending over and kneeling on the floor - prime butt exposing activities.

Luckily, work has slowed somewhat so my real brain can function in the evenings. The mouse brain is really looking forward to taking over all non-academic work once I start grad school.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today's Lesson

The proper eyewear is essential to a job well done.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

This Week

Listening to: Andrew Bird's new cd. I got this on Monday afternoon and haven't taken it out of my car cd player since. Love, love it. I saw him a few years ago in San Francisco when he was opening for Nickel Creek. I had never heard of him before the concert so I didn't know what to expect. I think my mouth dropped open when he began playing - his recorded music is good but nowhere near as good as it is live. You all know that I am not a concert person, but I would see him again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately there are no nearby shows on his current tour. Boo.

Reading: The Boleyn Inheritance. I borrowed this from my officemate a long time ago and just got into it this week. It's much better than I was anticipating and it makes me wish I knew more about the time period. After about 30 pages I was scouring through the history sections of British Literature textbooks from college to figure out the order of Henry VIII's wives.

Waiting: for these shoes to arrive. They are for this dress for a summer wedding (and the rehearsal of a different wedding). I have undertaken the potentially disastrous task of making a matching bag. I'll post some pictures if it turns out well.

Working: on scanning old pictures. I bought a scanner on sale at Target last week and I spent the weekend going through old photos and selecting ones to scan. I'll post some good ones and tell some stories as soon as I get them moved to a different computer.

Friday, April 6, 2007


Last year at the Octoberfest in Ohio we were introduced to what might be the greatest game ever.

I decided to make a set for Jeff's birthday this year and we put it to use a couple weeks ago when Allan and G were in town. The bars are a little wider and the balls are bigger but it works pretty well (except for when the whole side fell off).

Good times. Hopefully we will be able to bring it out more this summer.