Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Wrap-Up

Reading - I left Nicholas and Alexandra imprisoned at Tsarskoe Selo and took The Virgin Suicides to the beach. The narrator and the relationship of the narrator to the main characters bothered me up until the end but it was worth reading. (But nowhere near as good as Middlesex.)

Watching - The Style channel (network?) has been showing the first three seasons of The Biggest Loser and I'm totally hooked. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's really inspiring to watch these people work their asses off (literally!) to reach goals they always thought were unachievable. I totally want a trainer like Jillian to come yell at me on the treadmill.

Winning - trivia! The Non-Profiteers cruised to victory on Wednesday, taking home free pizza, appetizer, several hours of free pool, and Guinness pint glasses. It's no PBR t-shirt but it'll do.

Missing - the beach. Our Labor Day weekend beach trip was so much fun. The weather great and we spent our non-beach time cooking and eating great meals, playing horseballs on the front lawn, and cheering the Golden Bears to victory. I have a few good pictures I'll try to post at some point.

Avoiding - studying for the GRE. How annoying is it that my perfectly good GRE scores from 2002 expire this fall? (Answer: super)

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