Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas Gifts, Reviewed

Electric mattress pad - wow. I cannot adequately describe my love for this. I turn it on high while I brush my teeth and it is nice and toasty when I get into bed, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of socks, fleece pants, and bulky sweaters. I told my officemate how much I loved it and she said it sounded like "pigs in a blanket." Exactly.

Envirosax. I have the flora set and I bought my sister the amazonia set. While the website describes the environmental and waste-reducing benefits of bringing your own shopping bags to the grocery it fails to mention one of the main reasons these bags are so great - feelings of smugness and vast superiority over people using plastic bags at the grocery.

Garth Pig and the Ice Cream Lady. I loved this book growing up but we never owned it. I put it on my amazon wish list just to remind myself that I would like to have it someday but mom went ahead and got it for me this Christmas. It is as wonderful as I remember it. I have been known to whimper "Don't want a Whoosh" to myself when I don't get my way.

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evolving yeti said...

Wait a minute....fleece pants and sweaters for bed? Isn't it like 50 there today? I think that you need to ship that up to me ASAP.