Thursday, August 21, 2008

There's been so much going on these few months! I drove 2400 miles over 10 days and eight states, left my job, moved, and started school again. So, let's talk about unimportant things that have no relation to what I've been up to.

In high school I loved the radio station out of the junior college across the border in Illinois, but it would disappear for months at a time for no good reason. I guess these were the times when students were studying for exams or out of town on break, but it was always a treat to turn to the station one day and hear the regularly lazy voices and commercials for taco places we would never visit.

In the past year, I've been listening more to the college radio station out of NC State. It's become a substitute for my much beloved and long gone high school station and I love the morning and evening rock programs. A few months ago I noticed a familiar sounding song but couldn't place it. A few songs later the DJ came on and rounded up the recent songs.

Flat Duo Jets

That brought back some memories. One of my best friends in middle school picked up the Flat Duo Jets cd In Stereo for another friend out of the bargain bin at a local record store because the band had a funny name and the cd looked really bad. Friendships changed, but the hilarity of the first track on the cd remained the same for all of us. We had no idea "Riot in Cell Block #9" was a song that had been recorded by legitimate artists (not that FDJ aren't legitimate!) and that it was a "real" song.

When I heard the announcer say that the song had been by Flat Duo Jets I laughed out loud. It had been so long since I had thought about screaming out the first line of "Riot" in my best friend's bedroom.

The NC State station plays Flat Duo Jets fairly regularly, but I never fail to laugh out loud. As seriously as some people and critics might take them, they will always remind me of laughing hysterically with friends.

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