Friday, October 12, 2007

Irrational Fears

1. Intentionally driving off a bridge. I'm okay on overpasses but long bridges over water kind of freak me out because I'm afraid I'll drive off the side just to see what it's like. This has gotten worse over the past couple years because I don't drive over water as much as I used to. Similarly...
2. Opening an airplane emergency exit. I really can't sit in an exit row because I get kind of anxious and jittery looking at the door the whole flight. There's just this tiny temptation to pull the handle that doesn't go away.
3. Turning on the dryer with a cat inside. I seriously have to check and make sure I know where the cats are before I start a load of clothes in the dryer. I've also been known to stop the dryer after a few seconds just to make sure.
4. Lockjaw.

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