Friday, November 2, 2007

NaBloPoMo - Day 2

Dooce had a piece this morning about Halloween with her daughter and there was one paragraph that I knew my parents would identify with:
"So we zipped up her chicken costume and headed out, and immediately she started asking if we were headed to Grandmommy’s house, because why else would we be this excited? Do you even know what they’ve got at Grandmommy’s house? FREEDOM, THAT’S WHAT. She can do whatever the hell she wants to at that place, and if we head over there now maybe there’d be enough time to bathe in a tub of chocolate syrup."

That pretty much describes my Kentucky grandma's house perfectly. Until the 5th grade we lived a few minutes from my grandma so my sister and I spent a lot of time over there. We could watch tv shows and movies that were forbidden at our house, eat peppermint until we were sick to our stomachs, and take all the food out of the pantry to play "grocery" on the back porch. We loved to go through Grandma and Aunt Jane's closets and try on clothes and shoes before lining all the shoes up on the back porch and having a shoe sale. She'd give us money to walk down to the Gulf station with our cousins and buy Fun Dip and Pixie Stix.

People often ask if I miss living in the Midwest or wish my parents hadn't moved to Florida. The answer is a resounding "no" - I have no attachment to the town where I went to high school and Florida is a much nicer place to visit than Indiana. I just wish it were closer to Kentucky.

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