Friday, November 9, 2007

Video tapes in my dresser I can't get rid of

  • Episodes of My So Called Life, including the Halloween one and the one where Angela thinks Jordan has written a song about her but it's really about his car. Heh.
  • Several MST3K movies, including Attack of the Killer Shrews and the rodeo short.
  • News clips of the foreign exchange student who lived with us in middle school.
  • Episodes of 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation, with meticulously documented contents.
  • A copy of Super Troopers that mysteriously appeared in our senior apartment in college. It has no label, no commercials, and nothing else on the tape. No one ever claimed responsibility.
  • The CMT Crossroads episode with Elton John and Ryan Adams.
  • Fifth grade research project presentations, featuring everyone in my fifth grade class.

Bonus cassette tapes!

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