Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So! Much! Going! On!

I've been working crazy hours as I try to get things wrapped up at work before my last day and haven't had time to update anything here. I'm in the process of moving, dealing with plumbing and drywall repairs, getting ready for a houseguest, showing my current apartment to prospective renters (grrr - not happy about this), buying furniture and major appliances, admiring a brand new baby (not mine, obviously), and tackling several upholstery projects.

Here are a few pictures of my latest furniture project. I got two chairs at the PTA thrift shop for $10 each and recovered the cushions with some remnant fabric from Ecko. I still need to paint/rehab the chair frames but they have moved from hideous into not-too-ugly. I've also recently picked up two sewing tables (one with a functioning machine!) and a fantastic gun cabinet. I love having an apartment filled with used and rehab pieces that each have a story and I'm really excited about fitting everything into my new place and making it somewhat cohesive.

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