Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to make me cry

While I'm out of town, use the only copy of the key not in my possession to enter apartment and fix air conditioning. Leave project unfinished and turn off refrigerator at breaker box. Leave apartment and promptly lose key, making it impossible to finish ac repair or restore power to fridge.

I came home to an incredibly stinky kitchen at one a.m. today. I saved a few bottles of beer but had to toss everything else. (The bucket of lard is awaiting disposal - I would bet that it weathered the outage just fine but I'm not willing to risk it. Besides, lard buckets are pretty easy to come by at the Food Lion.) I could not be happier that tomorrow is moving day. Sorry, new tenant - you better invest in some baking soda.

In other news, the trip was fantastic. I have some pictures of cousin camp and tomato camp that I'll post later this week. I'm happy to report that I can still get up on waterskis after 10-15 years and didn't suffer any major wipeouts.

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