Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Inmate Penpal - NaBloPoMo Day 5

I found this email in my draft folder - I can't remember if I've told this story here or not.

I got an email a while ago from my mom that reminded me of a story I had meant to tell here but had completely forgotten about. For slightly paranoid reasons that should become obvious, I didn't want to mention anything at the time, but moving has put some space there.

Last April (2007?) I got a large light blue envelope in the mail covered in one cent stamps with a return address of a federal prison. I tried to find it (the letter, not the prison) so I could show a picture but I think it got lost in the move. Inside was a copy of Games Magazine* with my address label and a two page letter. Turns out my copy got stuck to the inmate's copy and he had mailed it back to me. In the letter he wrote that I shouldn't worry because he hadn't kept my address (I think he added in a "haha" and smiley face for good measure) but that he hoped I would be nice enough to write him back. He told me all about his future job plans and went into some specifics about how I could find him after he was released. He was even so kind as to include his age/height/weight/ethnicity/hair color etc. He should be out on parole now, so if there are any ladies out there looking for love and adventure he's probably available.

(So the title of the post isn't entirely accurate - it just sounds better than "That One Time I Got a Letter from a Prisoner")

*I have been getting this magazine without paying a subscription for a good fifteen years. It has followed me from Indiana to Carrboro to Durham without any notification action on my part. I just hope that by writing about it I don't jinx it - it's nice to get but not worth the ridiculous subscription cost. (Update - it followed me to Durham but has since stopped. Booo.)

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