Monday, November 9, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 9

Lazy, lazy weekend. I spent a few hours on Friday cleaning the downstairs for the first time since it broke and it felt indescribably good to have clean countertops and to vacuum up all the splinters tracked through the house. There are still small splinters, carpet tacks, and general debris strewn around so the cats are still quarantined, but it's much more pleasant to be downstairs now. An adjuster is coming out in a little bit so hopefully things will get moving again soon. It's been three weeks since I got home to the never-ending mess - I just hope it doesn't last another.

A friend is having his kitchen remodeled so we were commiserating about having a mess in the house. We decided that who ever "wins" (gets a fully functional kitchen first) has to buy the loser a drink. Free beer is nice, but I'll take a comfortable downstairs any day.

Completely unrelated, here is a picture that has been cracking me up since I saw it. Dealing with the stress of the last few months has been infinitely easier with this guy around.

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