Sunday, February 18, 2007

I spent this past weekend looking over old journals from high school to get an idea of what I thought it was important to record as a teenager. I started keeping a journal during the summers because I felt like all of the days blended together and I wanted to be able to remember more than just a blur. This was somewhat complicated by my rule that I could never look back at what I wrote. Each day I would write down major events, things that made me laugh, books I was reading, CDs I wanted to buy, and exactly what I wore.

The very first entry reads, "Monday - shaved, went to clinic and grocery." Personal hygiene and errands! How exciting! As time went on, I expanded entries to as much as a page each, written in small phrases that make no sense to me now. Among the daily entries are song lyrics, bad poems, and a copy of an especially cringe-worthy letter to a boy I dated for all of two weeks (yes, the number of pages exceeded the number of days in the relationship). I can't imagine why we never got back together.

I stopped journaling sometime during my junior year in high school and haven't done much personal writing since. I miss having a place to record what I'm reading, listening to, cooking, and obsessing about. I hope it will be slightly more entertaining than personal hygiene.

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Jeffrey said...

ah the power of the two-day high school romance...if scientists could only harness its energy we might have a viable alternative energy resource suitable for home heating.

I am happy to see you finally get this started and looking forward to watching it evolve!