Sunday, September 9, 2012


Jeremy and I really enjoy getting caught up in good TV and following our favorite shows. Before we got married, Jeremy bought me the entire series of The Wire, and I watched seasons 1-4. I have a thing about watching all episodes of a series that has ended - it's like if I don't watch it all then it isn't really over. Other examples: Battlestar Galactica (Jeremy made me watch the final season, but there are still episodes from the first season I haven't seen) and Friday Night Lights (likewise, I haven't seen the entire first season even though I own it). We recently found ourselves without any new episodes of any favorite shows to watch (no thanks to Dish Network for dropping AMC), and we went back and watched the entire Wire series. How this show never won any awards is beyond me. The writing and acting are incredible, and there are others all over the internet who can better praise the show's virtues. One of the things that really struck me on the second watching of the 4th season was how difficult that particular season is to enjoy. The main storyline takes place within a public middle school in Baltimore, and in the words of my sister, you better not get attached to any characters.

I wrote the above paragraph several months ago and never published it. After switching from Dish we got three free months of all the premium channels on demand and glutted ourselves on Homeland, Game of Thrones, and Boardwalk Empire. Love, love, love. We've got one season of Boardwalk left, and Justified starts back up this month. Excellent entertainment for the new year!

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