Monday, March 5, 2007

100 Things - Part Two

6. I listen to the radio on scan. My sister and I started doing this on one of our cross country drives and I still do it when I'm driving by myself. I'll stop it if I come across a song I like, but generally I just let it go. Patricia and I even made up a game - seeing how many songs in a row you can identify. I think my record is five, but anything over two is pretty good.

7. My first car was a bright blue 1996 Dodge Neon named Rascal. I loved this car so much in high school. Two years later, my sister got a red 1998 Neon named Pepe (after Pepe Sanchez). We ended up driving the cars about equally because Pepe turned out to be a better car and had a better stereo. Both cars are long gone now but there was a four year period where our driveway looked like a Dodge dealership.

8. VCR + Music club membership = 8th grader with the best taste in music. During the mid 90s I taped 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation on MTV every week. I would watch these videos and make lists of the bands, noting the ones I thought were good. I was in one of those "12 CDs for a penny" music clubs (are those still around?) so I was always looking for new CDs. During this time I bought CDs from Ben Folds Five, Jeff Buckley, Ash, Cast, Catherine Wheel, Juliana Hatfield, For Squirrels, Silverchair - pretty obscure for a middle schooler in semi-rural Indiana.

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