Thursday, March 22, 2007

High School

I found a couple high school mementos a while back that I wanted to post. This will likely be amusing to no one but me, but whateva, I do what I want!

One of my best friends in high school would make me upside-down drawings when we had free time in class. One of the most memorable characters was Brenold, an illiterate clown.

Here is a note from Herney, a farmer who had a dog named Stretch Armstrong. I don't have any pictures of Herney, but he looked suspiciously like Brenold.

In our freshman year German class we had to create and perform a talk show as part of a class project. We made up some story about a woman who sold her children to the Velveeta factory in exchange for cheese. I was the Velveeta representative - here is my (very) little hat.

This is definitely my all-time favorite award certificate. Every semester our high school would have a ceremony for the students who had good grades. I hated these because they lasted forever and you had to sit in alphabetical order rather than with your friends. Obviously, the school cared for them about as much as I did.

This particular ceremony was a mere month before graduation. I guess I understand that they didn't know who I was - it's not like I graduated at the top of my class or anything. Oh, wait....


evolving yeti said...

Your certificate for academic achievement reminded me of a grade school story. We had this crazy Social Studies teacher that made us do all of this pointless homework. Examples include drawing and coloring maps of the areas we were studying, writing papers on the key exports of various countries, etc. We'll he would keep everyone’s homework till the end of the year. Mr. Wigging, seriously that was his name, would then hand out our packet of graded homework with a little certificate that said something along the lines of "Great Job". Even if you really sucked he would write something nice about you and your work. OK here comes the good part....

So you may or may not know this but I was quite the trouble maker in grade school. I remember getting into serious trouble at the end of 5th grade year. After I was sent to my room, my dad may have literally kicked my ass up the stairs, I began part of my punishment which was cleaning my room. Well, I came across MR. Wiggings packet and certificate (I was originally just going to throw it away) so I brought it down to my parents. Later that night they talked to me and said since I did such a good job in school I wasn’t grounded anymore and my summer was saved. I never really thanked that crazy old man for the pointless homework and it resulting in the saving of my summer and childhood memories.

Ben Birken said...

Why haven't we ever met this Laura Clayton? She sounds nice (and smart).