Friday, March 2, 2007

Allan wrote me the nicest welcome to the web so I wanted to return the favor. (See, if you start a blog then I will write super nice things about you!) Like him, I thought of so many stories to tell but I've narrowed it down to a couple.

1. Another Lost story. The night of the season finale for the first season of Lost was the day the movers had come to pack up Allan and G's apartment for their move to Minnesota. Allan decided to have a laid back last night in town so he invited some people over for Lost and grilling out. Thing is, everything from the kitchen had been boxed up and crammed into a bathroom. I will always have this vision of Allan waist deep in boxes searching for hamburger buns and plates.

2. When I first started working with Allan, I noticed that he, Jeff, and Sumeet would occasionally ask each other if they wanted to go watch the sunset. I though it was a little odd but didn't worry too much about it. One Friday they asked if I wanted to come. It was then that I found out that Sunset was a local bar that had $2 Bud Light on Fridays. We started going pretty much every week after work and would sit outside listening to Jeff talking about his plans to buy a boat. Every Friday around 3: "Man, I wish it was time to watch the sunset!"

3. When Allan had just started doing triathlons he entered one out in Clayton. He wanted to check out the course so one day we left work early and drove out to Clayton with Jeff. ("It's only twenty minutes away!" Right.) We drove along the bike and running portion and Allan's eyes got wide when he saw all the hills. The last part of the race went through a residential neighborhood, and we could picture all the kids sitting on their lawns while Allan panted towards the finish line, cursing himself for entering the race. (Of course he had a great race that weekend.) Then we went to drink some beer.

Can't wait to see you later this month!

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