Thursday, March 8, 2007


Bryneunit and Fussy recently posted the movies in positions 27-32 on their Netflix queue. Here goes mine:
27. Requiem for a Dream
28. Ghost World
29. Cache
30. Junebug
31. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
32. Murderball

I've seen Hedwig before but the others are new to me. I rarely watch movies so most of the dvds on my list are from tv shows I missed the first time around. I'm working my way through the second season of 24 now.


evolving yeti said...

27. Requiem for a Dream

Totally fits in with our love of stories about people with effed up lives. Have fun with this one, especially towards the end.

Ben Birken said...

Ghost World!!!! Back when no one who knew who Scarlett Johannsen was, except for those creepy perverts who have followed her since The Horse Whisperer.

I wish I didn't know all this.

Junebug ruled, by the way.